The Rainier Paradigm

Fiction, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Dark Comedy

506 Pages Print

$20.00 Print Edition 978-1548773311 

$9.99 Kindle Version ASIN: B073TZGYF1

Appropriate for ages sixteen and up. Some drug use required. 


Hackers in Seattle uncover a government plot to detonate Mount Rainier using a secret weapon called the H.E.R.P.E.

Melissa Ross, an overworked and beautiful graduate student at the University of Washington, finds herself wanted as an international terrorist by the Naval Undercover Tracking Service after she gets involved with a professor from a powerful American family. 

“A comedic presentation of a possible conspiracy and the underground group who helps to bring it to light. I believe the climax to be something that could happen. A good read even though it seems long. The last third moves quickly as the disaster approaches.”

Bobbie Kaald

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