Killing Time in Saudi Arabia

Non-fiction, exotic romance, travelogue, humor, multicultural

$26.99 Print Edition ISBN: 978-1548586621

$9.99 Kindle Version ASIN: B00OL2C7R2

Appropriate for ages 17 and up. 

It's Not Your Grandfather's Saudi Arabia

Experience the day-to-day life of a military contractor in Saudi Arabia. This is not your normally military contractor, however, this is the English teacher Matthew Heines! When he gets into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, naturally things are going to get crazy! Travel from one end of Saudi Arabia in Matthew’s ‘Capsula’ with his best friend, a South African beauty who works as a nurse at the local military hospital. If you’ve never heard of British hashing, it’s not what you might think. 


…”Another difference between these books and other Middle East accounts is that Heines always seeks to think – and act – outside the box. Thus, he often arranges for expeditions beyond his teaching objective and his comfort zone: “…we made plans for yet another expedition into the far reaches of Saudi Arabia with the Riyadh Rovers. With no map, and no GPS, all I knew six days later, was that we were somewhere in the north, near Kuwait…”

Diane Donovan MBR

The book is one that I greatly enjoyed, there is a surface layer of humor but when you dig there is a much more serious layer.

Simon Barrett Blog Talk Radio

Killing Time in Saudi Arabia An American Experience On Kindle

Killing Time in Saudi Arabia An American Experience Print Edition

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