Great Books by Matthew D. Heines

Heinessight is the home of great books. Whether you like buying books online or looking for book sales the old fashioned way, the Heinessight Bookstore is the place you want to buy your favorite books.

We feature my great books as well as the works of our featured artists on our Books in Heinessight Podcast.

Heinessight is $20/$20

You’ve heard it a million times but you didn’t know what it meant until now. It means all books at are just $20! That’s right. Until the end of the year you can get any of Matthew Heines’ great books for less than a large pizza! How’s that for food for thought?

The Rainier Paradigm
Killing Time in Saudi Arabia
Deceptions of the Ages
Another Year in Oman
My Year in Oman

Get it.

Books in Heinessight Podcast Featured Authors

Rick Lenz Author, Playwright, Acting Legend

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Cristina Carballo-Perelman M.D.

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Denice Hughes Lewis

JD Covert

Kelli Cooper-The Secret Law of Attraction

Troy Anderson

Joshua Shea

Kristi Saare Duarte

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