Another Year in Oman
Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Non-fiction, exotic romance, dark humor, travelogue, multicultural

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Kindle  $9.99 

A Realistic Look at Arab Women

Another hot summer is over in Oman, but things are starting to heat up. In the second book of the American Experiences in Arabia series, the author finds himself in a number of forbidden relationships with some of the most amazing women of the Arab world. No other book looks at the lives of Arab women in such a up close, objective and personal way. If that is not enough, it’s another year of camping, snorkeling and adventure. Join the author as he travels up and down the coast of Oman and travels to Dubai to meet a new Italian love interest. It’s as crazy as it gets. This book is the second in the three-part American Experiences in Arabia series.


 “… Readers will be amazed while they learn about Arab Culture and customs as well as the complexities of Arab relationships and the customs of Muslim societies. Another Year in Oman: Between Iraq and a Hard Place is a true story that combines romance, danger, exotic locations and a bizarre college in the middle of the desert to teach the reader about the complexities and realities of true Muslim and Arabian Culture and how it was permanently affected during the US invasion of Iraq in 2003…”

Diane Donovan MBR

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