Veteran Matthew Heines Green Beret Training Course Fort Bragg North Carolina

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Heinessight is the home of great books. Whether you like buying books online or looking for book sales the old fashioned way, the Heinessight Bookstore is the place you want to buy your favorite books. We feature my great books as well as the works of our featured artists on our Books in Heinessight Podcast.

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There is no better way to find out what is hot and what is not in the world of books and publishing than a great podcast like Books in Heinessight. From the out of this world to the how-to’s that will get your life on track, don’t miss the next great podcast!

Dr. Paula Fellingham Nov 12, 2018

Books in our online bookstore include books by our Books in Heinessight podcast guests. We offer links to Amazon and iTunes so that you have to simply click on the Featured Authors page and find the link to the book you want to buy. Heinessight makes it easy for you to get the books you really love.

Matt Omani women
Matthew Heines poses with Omani women

Whether it is one of my great books about Saudi Arabia and Oman, or one of my great videos on YouTube, you are going to see worlds you only hear about. You are going to live the adventures you always dreamed about. What is more, it’s all there at your fingertips. Videos, books and fun. From a Nile Cruise to a trek on the Anapurna Trail in Nepal, you are going to keep coming back for more.

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